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Hey Blindsgalore,

I just recently moved from a house in Pb to a condo in downtown overlooking the bay, couldn't be more excited =D  There's one problem.  My house in Pb was 2400sq ft, the condo 1500 and I'm getting headaches thinking about the furniture arrangement. With 3 couches, a coffee table, 2 side tables, and an ottoman there's just no way.  I found you under "home and garden" and could totally be asking the wrong space, but do you guys give any home decorating tips aside from blind installation?

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Hi Kelly,

I appreciate you joining the discussion and congratulations on your new move! Moving from the beach to Downtown is a complete 180. The urban lifestyle calls for a new way of decorating -usually utilizing smaller spaces. Take advantage of creating well defined spaces in your place. For instance, take your couches and put them into a C-shape with the opening facing a wall or fireplace in your living room. Have the center piece be a piece of art on the wall or for more functionality your flat screen TV. Now you have clearly defined your first room you can move on to the dinning room, office, etc. Assuming you are living in a beautiful building downtown consider solar shades. Solar Shades are a great modern/urban window treatment that filters light beautifully letting just the right amount of light in, while reducing UV rays and excess heat.


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