News: Dress Your Windows Up with Drapery!

Dress Your Windows Up with Drapery!

Choosing Draperies for Your Home is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 Determine the Color Scheme and Pattern

Color and Patterns are usually the first concern when choosing draperies for the home. Consider colors that are complementary to the home and reflect the look you are going for. Then choose a pattern to go along with your color to add contrast and depth for a more polished look.

Step 2 Determine the Fabric

As you know, Draperies come in many Fabrics and choosing the right one is essential for the overall look and feel of your design. First consider the functionality of the drapes. Do you want them to block out light completely or let light gently filter through? Consider light and airy silk fabrics to filter sun light and allow more through. To darken a room contemplate cotton fabrics or a poly blend. Basic linings from reputable drapery providers can be sewn in to create the best opacity that suits you! When matching the fabric to your envisioned design, different fabrics will give you different looks. For instance, silk drapes are great for adding a sheer shine or gloss, while in contrast, cotton usually provides a more mat finish.

Step 3 Measure the Drapery Area

Measuring drapery can be tricky and there are a few styles to consider before measuring. The general rule for measuring for drapery is considering the height and length. The height should generally measure a half-inch to an inch from the floor to the curtain rod. However, contemporary style can sometimes call for "puddling" which is when the drapes flow onto the floor. The length should stretch a few inches from the corner of the window to the center of the window. More length, means more pleats. For a step-by-step look of how to hang drapery check out the drapery guide.

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