How To: Make Your Own Roman Sahdes

Make Your Own Roman Sahdes

Making Your Own Roman Shades

Are you an everyday Martha Stuart? You know, one of those do it yourself creative people who can make better household items than you can find at the store. It so, I found a great (quick to the point) video that will help you design and make your very own set of Roman Shades.

First, let me tell you a little about Roman Shades. Roman shades come in two principle styles: Flat Fold and Teardrop. Flat fold are more of a classic / modern style. I know that is an oxymoron (i.e. classic / modern style), but what I mean is, this classic style has gone full circle and become quite stylish a chic in today's modern homes! Then on the other hand you have teardrop roman shades. The teardrop style is a more sophisticated regal look, mostly reserved for more elegant, formal decor settings. Roman shades are also very versatile and come in many options including: cordless (child safe), motorized, top down / bottom up and more!

Like most shades, color and fabric options are endless for Roman Shades. They come in many solids to match your perfect palate color. If solids aren't your thing, roman shades are available in two tones, different patterns, and textures! Fabrics are just like colors in the sense you have a lot of options. Normally, roman shades are made with a polyester blend for extra durability and stain resistance. However, you can choose from fine silks, suede, cotton and beautiful woven fabrics as well.

Check out this video to get a better insight on how Roman Shades are made:

Step 1 How to Make Your Own Roman Shades

If designing your own Roman shades is not for you, check out Roman Shades from Blindsgalore!

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