News: Eco Friendly Window Treatments

Eco Friendly Window Treatments

Looking to go "Green"

When I'm looking to do new remodeling projects around the house, I find myself asking, is this Eco-Friendly? Is this main stream America brain-washing me into a "Greener Tomorrow?" I doubt it! Embracing Eco-minded products is not just good for preserving the natural environment, but it's about creating a healthy living environment in your home as well.

With that said, why should picking out window treatments for the home be any different? Many manufacturers of window treatments are answering the call for a greener tomorrow. This begins with working with natural materials and making their operations as green as possible. Things that should be taken into consideration to make window treatments "green" are the materials being used, their recycling potential, and do they come with any kind of regulated green certification.

Choosing Eco Friendly Window Treatments

Step 1 Material

Material plays a big role in making any product Eco-friendly. Eco-friendly materials produce less pollutants and are more gentle on ecosystems. When looking to outfit your home with new blinds or shades look for organically grown materials like bamboo, jute, and sea grass. These are "renewable" because they are fast growing and can regenerate quickly in most ecosystems. Many quality window treatment providers will provide woven shades made from the renewable materials listed above. Also, reclaimed wood that is refurbished makes for great slats for wooden blinds. If you are not a wood fan, perhaps, consider organic cotton blends for cellular shades and draperies.

Eco Friendly Window Treatments

Step 2 Recycling Potential

Recycling potential is key to being Eco-friendly. Make sure the blinds or shades you choose for your home are made of recyclable material. That simply means that if they are thrown in the landfill they will biodegrade. Or they can be broken down and turned into something else! Did you know the average household changes their window treatments every 10-15 years? That's a lot of blinds and shades in a lifetime. So, make sure they are recyclable!

Step 3 Green Certification

Green certification let's you know as the consumer that the window treatments you are buying are environmentally safe and good for the home. This sort of certification process should be carried out by a third party company to insure quality without a bias opinion -not the manufacturer themselves! Look for national companies like Green Guard (among others), when looking for quality green certified window treatments.


Eco Friendly Window Treatments

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