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News: Installing Woven Shades

Installing Woven Shades has never been Easier! While I didn't want to bore anyone with a word-for-word blog post on installing woven shades, I do have a great video online that is informative, quick and gives you a step-by-step approach!

News: Eco Friendly Window Treatments

Looking to go "Green" When I'm looking to do new remodeling projects around the house, I find myself asking, is this Eco-Friendly? Is this main stream America brain-washing me into a "Greener Tomorrow?" I doubt it! Embracing Eco-minded products is not just good for preserving the natural environment, but it's about creating a healthy living environment in your home as well.

News: Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Plantation Shutters give your home a clean and contemporary look that is both stylish and functional! This particular brand EuroVue by Bali are easy to install, even for the most novice do-it-yourselfers.

News: Cheap and Easy Blinds that Look Good!

Mini Blinds When your looking for a bargain on window treatments, look no further than mini blinds. Mini Blinds are those aluminum blinds you probably recognize from when you were a kid or the ones you see in your office building. They are incredibly inexpensive when compared to other traditional window treatments but still function and offer clean-lines for the room.

News: Hot Summers = Solar Shades

Solar Shades Looks like it's going to be another hot summer and this time of year, I always get questions about the best kind of Shades for the home! I may be a little bias in my opinion because I'm going through a more minimalist "less is more" style in my life right now. Taking the more modern design approach that is very popular right now, I wanted to talk a little about Solar Shades for the home.

News: Installing Cellular Shades for The Home

Cellular shades have never been so popular! Cellular Shades are made of great light filtering material and add energy efficiency to the home. But people always ask me, "Nick, can I install them myself or do I need a professional?" The answer is simple with these blinds... Save your money and do it yourself! Take a look at this great video I found. Then you tell me how easy it is to install cellular shades yourself.

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